Foods With Hidden Sweet Spots


When it comes to sugar, cupcakes and cookies are obvious diet derailers. The real saboteurs of healthy eating however are sneaky sources of the sweet stuff, which in a day of meals and snacks can add up to serious trouble — especially if you’re among the 25.8 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. To address the epidemic, uncover 10 foods with added sugar that may surprise you.

1. Fast-food chicken sandwich
I’ve seen a lot of sneaky sources of sugar, but I was shocked to discover that many of the fried chicken sandwiches offered at popular fast food joints can contain up to 16 grams of the sweet stuff — that’s 4 teaspoons of sugar per sandwich!

2. Packaged bread
Think you’re doing yourself a favor by buying a loaf of honey wheat? Think again. Bread manufacturers add sugar to retain moisture, add softness and lend a mild sweetness to their breads. If you’re having trouble finding a loaf without added sugar, keep in mind that ingredients are listed by weight. The farther down sugar appears on the ingredients list, the less a slice will contain.

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