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8 MARCH 2017

Diet Alternative: Honey and Coconut

Coconut and honey have beneficial properties proven useful, or at least harmless, for an alternative diet, and both are characterized as having a pleasant textures and taste.

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5 JANUARY 2017

Are You Wasting Your Money on Multivitamins?

Americans spend billions on vitamin and mineral supplements.

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11 MARCH 2016

Good Reasons to Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D supplements aren’t just for kids. There are some solid reasons to make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D.

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Probiotics Are Becoming More In Vogue

Fewer people are taking fish oil, vitamin C and calcium supplements, according to a recent survey of dietary supplement users. The survey, conducted by, also showed that the number of people using probiotics has increased.

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13 APRIL 2015

Probiotics Linked To Lower Risk Of Diarrhea From Antibiotics

Probiotic supplements can prevent or lower the risk of diarrhea caused by antibiotics, according to new research in The Cochrane Library.

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10 APRIL 2015

Probiotic Bacteria Beneficial For Brain Function

Bacteria in food can affect brain function, according to new research published in the journal Gastroenterology.

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27 MARCH 2015

Vitamin D may lower diabetes risk in obese children and adolescents

With childhood and adolescent obesity rates in most of the Western world rising dramatically over the last few decades, it’s not surprising that a lot of effort has been put into finding out what to do about it, after all being obese puts people at greater risk of developing all sorts of types of complications such as diabetes.

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24 MARCH 2015

Daily potassium intake??

Potassium tablets are a very poor substitute for the natural potassium that you can get in your food and if you think about it, there are a number of advantages in relying on food sources for potassium when compared with taking tablets.

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9 MARCH 2015

Alternative Sources of Calcium

Recommended intake values for calcium vary for different groups from a low of 1000 mg per day to 1300 mg.

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30 APRIL 2013

What are probiotics

You have probably heard a lot about probiotics and how they are good for you. However, do you really understand what they are? You see it in health food stores. You read about it in magazines. You hear people talk about it on television. If you want want find out more about what probiotics are and how you can benefit from them, continue to read this article.

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