17 MARCH 2015

Protein is More Satisfying

Low carbers have known the simple truth for many years that a meal rich in protein will help you last between meals without getting an attack of the munchies.

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30 MAY 2014

Low Sugar Diet: 10 Best Expert Tips for Cutting Out Sugar

Evidence and research have showed, time and again, that too much sugar is linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Even worse? A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that sugar is also addictive, so we crave it.

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27 MAY 2014

What To Do When You Crave Sugar, From Jenna Wolfe

Jenna offered a few healthy alternatives to curb the cravings, including sugar-free sucking candies, a cup of tea or coffee, low-sugar applesauce or fruit.

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20 DECEMBER 2013

10 Foods That Can Soothe Stress And Stop You From Comfort Eating

The path to healthy eating is an easy one – don’t eat too much or too little, and choose the right types of foods for your body.

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23 OCTOBER 2013

How to Quit Sugar

Sugar is in everything and it’s really, really bad for you.

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28 MARCH 2013

Cutting Out the Sugar Cravings in Your Diet

Some food manufacturers engineer products to contain (from their point of view) the optimal balance of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Then when you eat them you feel maximum crave and keep eating, drinking and buying more of their products. Its what they call your bliss point!

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26 FEBRUARY 2012

Question: What do I do when I still crave carbs?

In general terms, when we have a craving it means that we are thinking about something on a consistent basis. So you have two choices, you either have to stop thinking about the thing that you are craving, or think about something better

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