16 JANUARY 2017

The Mindful Remedy for Food Addiction

The more you choose to respect yourself, the easier that choice becomes over time.

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Addicted to Sugar? Here’s How You Can Beat Your Cravings

A secret weapon that I like to use in my own personal war against sugar. It stops cravings in their tracks but also deals with mid-afternoon energy slumps.

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Do Serving Sizes Impact How Much You Eat?

Among the proposed changes to the FDA Nutrition Facts label is the issue of recalculating serving sizes to reflect real-life consumption.

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14 OCTOBER 2015

How to Get Rid of Your Soda Addiction

Soft drinks of all types—whether sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners—are extremely bad for your body.

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12 OCTOBER 2015

A Surprisingly Simple Way To Outwit Comfort Food Cravings

Dietitians often recommend that getting to the root cause of your negative emotions — or simply allowing yourself to feel that emotion, however difficult it may be — could help people curb their emotional eating problems.

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Why Do We Overeat, and How Can We Stop?

In a nutshell, research shows that calories gleaned from bread, refined sugars, and processed foods promote overeating, whereas calories from whole vegetables, protein, and fiber decrease hunger.

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5 AUGUST 2015

This Is Your Brain On Sugar

Being able to make complex dietary choices is an incredibly important skill in this age of crowded supermarkets and high fructose corn syrup. Wading through all of the available information is often half the battle.

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25 JUNE 2015

Kids on Sweets: Are We Raising a Generation of Sugar Addicts?

Sugar is enticing, but so are drugs and alcohol. We haven’t given up the fight in educating children about the dangers of drugs, and we must be vigilant about sugar and processed junk food as well. Otherwise, we’re working to prevent one harm while another rages on in our homes.

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18 MARCH 2015

Small Changes in Your Diet can Make a Huge Difference

Each day we make as many as 200 food choices. These are influenced by many things, even the folk we’re eating with.Even though each of those choices may only represent a small contribution to our final health – they all add up to making an immense difference. You’ll probably notice that many of our reader’s […]

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17 MARCH 2015

Protein is More Satisfying

Low carbers have known the simple truth for many years that a meal rich in protein will help you last between meals without getting an attack of the munchies.

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