Low Carb Diet

30 DECEMBER 2016

Natural Skin Care Ingredients You Should Be Using

Here are a few of the latest skin superstars you should be on the lookout for.

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16 DECEMBER 2016

Crave better choices

Focus on all the things WE CAN EAT that give us energy, and build health over time. And simply let go of and outgrow those childhood choices.

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16 DECEMBER 2016

Why Should I Eat a Gluten Free Diet?

Most of you have either seen the “Gluten-free” label, or heard an opinion on the folly or wisdom of a gluten-free diet.

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14 DECEMBER 2016

The Truth About Butter

So what is the truth about butter? Why should we eat it and if our conclusion is that butter is actually good for us then why have we been told for so long that it is actually harmful to consume lots of quantities of butter or indeed any animal fat for that matter.

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Low Carb Mag Interview with Karen Thomson – The Sugar Free Revolution

Karen has 8 years of experience working at The Harmony Addictions Group in Hout Bay, Cape Town. She founded HELP: Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program, the first sugar and carb inpatient addiction program using Low Carb High Fat nutritional approach, with Prof Tim Noakes in 2013. Her passion lies in identifying the deep-seated interest in […]

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Is Paleo Right for You?

To understand the basics of the Paleo diet, you cannot eat anything that a hunter-gatherer would not have been able to find.

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Low-carb Paleo diet embraced by triathletes for weight loss and stamina

The Paleo diet is already popular among professional athletes. It has been adopted by the Los Angeles Lakers (including superstar Kobe Bryant) and Miami Heat guard Ray Allen.

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22 NOVEMBER 2016

Thanksgiving But Low Carb

In this particular book we’ve got some recipes and articles that will help you make wiser choices for a thoroughly enjoyable thanksgiving dinner.

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11 NOVEMBER 2016

Low-Carb Diet Most Common Mistakes

Low-carb diets are a potential cure for some of the world’s biggest health problems, including obesity and type II diabetes. This is well supported by science.

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31 OCTOBER 2016

Eating a gluten free diet is made easier with accurate food labeling

Why has gluten-free eating gotten easier? The Food and Drug Administration recently defined what it takes for a food to qualify as gluten-free.

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