Low Carb Weight Loss

14 DECEMBER 2016

The Truth About Butter

So what is the truth about butter? Why should we eat it and if our conclusion is that butter is actually good for us then why have we been told for so long that it is actually harmful to consume lots of quantities of butter or indeed any animal fat for that matter.

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How to Accept Your Body After Significant Weight Loss

There are many meaningful reasons people go Primal: they want to improve their fitness, increase their longevity, feel younger, reverse lifestyle conditions, heal hormonal imbalances, enhance fertility, get off prescription medications, and lose fat. With regard to losing fat, some want to lose a good deal of it—to significantly alter their body composition. This goal, […]

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10 DECEMBER 2015

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

You don’t need an entire kitchen overhaul to make a difference. Many revamps take just a minute. Here are simple ways to start

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6 MAY 2015

Study shows Atkins diet is effective for long-term weight loss

A meta-analysis released in the June issue of the British Journal of Nutrition shows that a carbohydrate-managed approach, such as the Atkins Diet, is more effective for long-term weight loss than a conventional low-fat diet

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30 APRIL 2015

Survey on Clothing Sizes

Clothing sizes do have many variables. The clothing industry basically abandoned the standard cloth-sizing agreement in the 1980s. What used to be for instance, a size 10 became a size 4, size 14 became an 8, size 18 became a 14 and so on.

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9 APRIL 2015

How to Choose Low Carb Ingredients

A low-carb diet can help you lose weight, provided you do not cut them out completely. Some carbs are good for us and provide us with essential nutrients, so the idea is to gradually phase out the unhealthy carbs in your diet and replace them with healthier and fewer carbs. Don’t try to reduce the carbs rapidly either or you will experience mood swings and hunger pangs, and might end up losing your willpower and failing in the attempt to reshape your diet.

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8 APRIL 2015

How To Survive The Dinner Invitation – Even When You’re Dieting

When you are following any type of diet, getting that dinner invitation can be something that will either be a source of joy – or one of despair!

Wanting to follow a low carbohydrate regime and still honour our hosts by eating the food that they have prepared can at first glance seem quite a difficult balancing act .

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6 APRIL 2015

Small Changes Can Effect Your Diet in Surprising Big Ways

Each day we make as many as 200 food choices.

These are influenced by many things, even the folk we’re eating with. Even though each of those choices may only represent a small contribution to our final health – they all add up to making an immense difference. Here’s how…

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3 APRIL 2015

Discovering Food Types You Can’t Eat on a Low Carb Diet

I needed to lose weight. After having four children, and gaining a significant amount of weight during each pregnancy, I had about 50 pounds of extra fat covering my body. The time was now, but what type of diet should I choose? After some research, I decided on a low carb diet, as I am not a big fan of breads and other high-carb foods.

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3 APRIL 2015

Low Carb Diet Tips That Really Work

Many people have decided to take the plunge and give a low carbohydrate diet a try, and perhaps you are among them. What should your next steps be? The key to achieving real success with such a strategy is to do a bit of advance planning. The low carb diet tips that follow should get you off and running.

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