Low Carb High Protein Diet

22 FEBRUARY 2017

How to supercharge your diet

Eating more protein is the single best change you can make to your diet, as protein keeps you full for longer. Eat three high-protein, high-fat meals every day and you’ll be full for five hours after each one.

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Is Paleo Right for You?

To understand the basics of the Paleo diet, you cannot eat anything that a hunter-gatherer would not have been able to find.

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11 JANUARY 2016

Improve health with avocado – Research

As well as being a delicious addition to many meals, avocados are one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world

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22 DECEMBER 2015

Butter And Cheese Not Bad For Heart Health: Study

Cheese lovers, rejoice. A new report in the British Medical Journal suggests that butter and cheese may not be as bad for your heart as previously thought.

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11 AUGUST 2015

How to Do the Caveman Diet

The “Caveman Diet” (also referred to as the Paleo or Paleolithic diet) is based on the idea that our bodies are better adapted to what our human ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era.

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30 JULY 2015

Mediterranean Diet Powerful Against Kidney Disease

Studies have shown that adherence to a Mediterranean diet significantly improves creatinine clearance..

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21 MAY 2015

Paleo Diet Basics: Does It Actually Work?

What do Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel and Megan Fox all have in common? They’ve all jumped on the paleo diet bandwagon at some point. The paleo diet — also known as as the Paleolithic diet or caveman diet — is a high protein, low carb diet based on the foods that were once eaten during the Paleolithic period

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30 APRIL 2015

High Protein, Low Carb Diets Greatly Improve Fertility

New Orleans, LA — A diet rich in proteins appears to have a pronounced positive effect on fertility, according to new research presented today at the Annual Clinical Meeting of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments who consumed high levels of protein and low levels of carbohydrates had better quality eggs and embryos.

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3 APRIL 2015

How to Pinpoint Food Allergies

Food allergies can literally be a pain in the backside for some people. For other people, there are pain elsewhere but you know if you think you might have a food allergy, there are many things that you can do to help pinpoint it. But also bear in mind it may not be the food that you’re allergic to, it might be the preservatives or some other artificial ingredients used within the food that you’re actually allergic to.

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18 MARCH 2015

Eating More Dairy to Lose Fat

a recent study conducted in Denmark has observed that the more calcium you eat in your diet the less body fat you will have, and therefore the less you will weigh. This points to the fact that not only is dairy a high-energy food, it could be that dairy itself can help you absorb less fat.

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