Low Carb High Fat Diet

6 MAY 2015

Study shows Atkins diet is effective for long-term weight loss

A meta-analysis released in the June issue of the British Journal of Nutrition shows that a carbohydrate-managed approach, such as the Atkins Diet, is more effective for long-term weight loss than a conventional low-fat diet

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6 APRIL 2015

Move over apples: Why avocados should be part of your daily diet

According to The Wall Street Journal, avocados sales in 2011 totaled nearly $3,000,000,000 which was an 11% increase on the year before and lasts year’s consumption was estimated to be up to 30% higher than 2011 and it is expected that this year, that it will higher still.

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31 MARCH 2015

Low-Carb Diet May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Nothing yet has convinced me that there’s not quite a bit of truth that the gradual lowering in quality of our food has contributed quite strongly to the gradual increase in many of the health problems that we as a society suffer which is why I’m quite happy to recommend the article that I’m linking to below by Dr. Mercola who’s looking at the work of another doctor, Dr. Ron Rosedale, who’s a prominent expert in low carb and high-quality fat approach to improving health and the article points to a very interesting conclusion that Alzheimer’s might well be considered as brain diabetes.

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18 MARCH 2015

Eating More Dairy to Lose Fat

a recent study conducted in Denmark has observed that the more calcium you eat in your diet the less body fat you will have, and therefore the less you will weigh. This points to the fact that not only is dairy a high-energy food, it could be that dairy itself can help you absorb less fat.

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5 MARCH 2015

Lower Your Heart Disease Risk with Grass-Fed Butter

Studies Show That People Who Eat Grass-Fed Butter Have a Lower Risk of Heart Disease

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Bob Briggs: Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

Bob lost 145 lbs in 14 months by following a low carb high fat diet.

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30 JUNE 2014

Low Carb Avocado Series 7

A multiseries step by step guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

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30 MAY 2014

Avocado and Prawn Appetizer

A multiseries step by step guide on how to create a wonderful low carb dish using avocado.

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12 MAY 2014

Low Carb Avocado Series 6

A multiseries step by step guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

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15 APRIL 2014

5 Smart Reasons To Eat Eggs

While eggs have gotten a bad reputation for a long time due to cholesterol fears, evidence in the British Medical Journal showed that moderate egg consumption may not have any effect on heart disease or stroke.

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