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How To Use Mindful Breathing To Reduce Stress

Living with the stress and anxiety of a spinal cord injury is not relatable for most, however I found many techniques for managing stress that are. One such technique is Mindful Breathing, a simple yet effective way to quickly shift your disposition. What is most exciting and interesting to me is that I discover new […]

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8 APRIL 2016

Ways to ‘Green’ Your Period

Cut your period’s impact on the environment and make the switch.

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9 MARCH 2016

Keys to Healthy Self-Esteem

Our self-esteem is a reflection of the health and wellness of our soul.

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3 MARCH 2016

In a dietary rut? Here’s how to escape it

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to eat healthier in 2014, do not be discouraged. With summer’s bounty, now might actually be the best time to start.

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26 FEBRUARY 2016

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

You’re gaining weight and you don’t know why. Don’t assume that it’s just that you’re getting older or slacking on the treadmill. Consider how you’re doing emotionally, and whether that might be affecting your eating.

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Depression May Be Linked to Heart Failure

Depressive symptoms increase the chance of developing heart failure and the more severe the symptoms are, the greater the risk

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15 JANUARY 2016

Mindfulness Could Help Tame Your Sugar Temptations, Study Suggests

Too frequently, it seems, you mindlessly reach out for a dose of sugar, blithely overlooking all intentions to the contrary, and foiling your well-planned diet.

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15 JANUARY 2016

Eating on the Road: Healthy Strategies for Your Family

You and your family can survive a long car trip and the travel food that often goes along with it, you can use it as a way to bond and kick off a fun-filled vacation. Here’s how:

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13 JANUARY 2016

Why Laughing Is Good for Your Health

A good laugh can be compared to a mild workout, as it exercises the muscles, gets the blood flowing, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones, improves sleep patterns and boosts the immune system.

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8 JANUARY 2016

Are You Using These Simple Lifestyle Strategies to Decrease Your Stroke Risk?

Thankfully, up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable. According to researchers,2 lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, body mass index, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and smoking can have a direct bearing on your individual risk.

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