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The Truth About Poop: Understanding Stool Color, Shape, and Frequency

We have a lot of silly names for it: BMs, caca, doo-doo, turds, and of course, poop. We don’t generally discuss it in our daily conversations. But asking some important questions about your bowel movements might give you some insight into your gastrointestinal health. Here’s the scoop on poop.

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26 OCTOBER 2016

Lifestyle Changes May Reduce Migraine Frequency

Some lifestyle changes, including getting adequate sleep, the right diet, exercise, and proper rehydration can help reduce the number of times you get migraines, says Dr. Robert Sheeler, who works at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

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Food Additives That May Make Our Gut Leaky

  Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects more than a million Americans. It is an inflammatory bowel disease in which the body attacks the intestines. There is currently no known cure for Crohn’s disease; current research focuses on controlling symptoms. There is no definitive medical or surgical therapy. The best we have is […]

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Food Sensitivities: Wrong Food Habit May Damage Diet Plan

Have you ever wondered why so many diets fail? After all, all of them come with certain guidelines and rules whose primary purpose is to ensure a person is on a right track. The reason a vast majority of diet plans prove to be unsuccessful is that dieters adopt or don’t get rid of unhealthy […]

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Save your brain from fluoride poisoning by taking turmeric

It’s a subject we’ve covered in the past, but it’s one well worth revisiting. I’m referring to the health risks associated with exposure to fluoride, and what you can do to protect yourself from its debilitating effects on the brain. Although it has been shown in numerous studies that fluoride is a poisonous substance that […]

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28 MARCH 2016

Julie Daniluk – The Full Interview

Click this link to download your PDF copy of Julie Daniluk’s full interview.

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9 MARCH 2016

How Quickly Can You Lose Weight?

Everyone knows that slow, gradual weight loss produces the best long-term results and fast weight loss is unsafe and unhealthy.

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24 FEBRUARY 2016

Diet Changes Can Alter Gut Bacteria, Study Says

Trillions of bacteria live in the digestive tract, but their effect on human health isn’t well understood, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists noted.

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22 FEBRUARY 2016

What Are Probiotics, Really?

Probiotics are generally thought of as the “good” bacteria in the body.

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27 JANUARY 2016

Benefits Of Probiotics: Why Eating Yogurt Can Help You lose Weight

Probiotics have also been associated with reducing stress-induced gut flare-ups in a study published in Gastroenterology, and they are also being explored as a pathway for psychological well-being.

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