Fat Loss

18 MARCH 2015

Small Changes in Your Diet can Make a Huge Difference

Each day we make as many as 200 food choices. These are influenced by many things, even the folk we’re eating with.Even though each of those choices may only represent a small contribution to our final health – they all add up to making an immense difference. You’ll probably notice that many of our reader’s […]

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11 MARCH 2015

Benefit of Higher Protein Diet and Exercise

Everyone knows that a good weight-loss program combines diet and exercise, However, a University of Illinois study reports that exercise is much more effective when it’s coupled with a protein-rich diet. There’s an additive, interactive effect when a protein-rich diet is combined with exercise. The two work together to correct body composition; dieters lose more […]

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20 APRIL 2013

Rhodopean Moussaka

 A favourite Bulgarian dish for those chilly winter days Note:  You can use chubritza instead of oregano. (much better). Serve with a mayonnaise based cucumber salad, and boiled carrots.  **Serves 4** 7gms carbs per serving  

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31 MARCH 2013

Low Carb Magazine

http://lowcarbmag.com Yes it’s true at last there is a NEW Low Carb Magazine come out just for us and here are the details. This is something that is well overdue as the LC community has been wanting a magazine for a very long time.

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24 MAY 2012

The Evolutionary Diet

When we look at how many diseases there are connected to excessive weight gain and high blood pressure and we see the numbers of these diseases seem to be on the increase day by day, it does rather raise the issue about whether or not our current Western diet is actually the major factor, or cause, of these cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

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