Digestive System

20 JANUARY 2016

Bacteria’s Little Secret

Our individual colonies of probiotic (beneficial) bacteria — called our “microbiota” — perform numerous tasks that benefit digestion, nutrition, immunity, neurological and emotional health, and more.

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14 JANUARY 2016

Your Gut Bacteria May Predict Your Obesity Risk

Bacteria in people’s digestive systems — gut germs — seem to affect whether they become overweight or obese, and new research sheds more light on why that might be.

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30 DECEMBER 2015

How Trusting Your Gut Can Increase Wellbeing

You’ve probably heard the expression gut feeling or gut reaction. Well, it turns out our bellies are more than simply places to digest the food we eat.

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29 DECEMBER 2015

5 Good Reasons to Include Fermented Foods In Your Diet

Benefits of eating homemade cultured foods and why you should consider adding them to your diet.

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You Are What Your Bacteria Eat

The microbiome’s dynamic ability to respond to our diet is why our bodies can adapt to so many different ways of eating

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11 NOVEMBER 2015

Starting Digestion With Your Eyes

For amazing health and energy, slow down, prepare your colorful, aromatic food, and get your digestion ON.

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How Bacteria in Our Gut Can Guide GI Treatment

The community of bacteria and other organisms that lives in our intestinal tract — known as the gut microbiome — has co-evolved with us and can be considered a symbiotic partner helping us perform everyday functions, such as eating our lunch.

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26 OCTOBER 2015

Be Good To Your Gut Bacteria

You exercise for heart health, lean muscle strengthening, fat loss and happy hormones. Now it turns out that all those workouts may also benefit your gut bacteria .

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These Food Will Keep Your Gut Happy

Here are a few of the most popular foods that are high in probiotic bacteria.

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Want Optimal Health? Time for a Gut Check

In order to kick gut problems to the curb for good, I invite you to do an experiment — with yourself as the subject — to find the root cause and get rid of your symptoms once and for all.

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