Make your fitness journey an adventure

An adventure might not have a predictable outcome and whilst you may have fairly fixed goals, it’s also important to go with the flow and allow for change too.

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No more excuses – it’s time to exercise

Make more of your exercise and food decisions count and when you do choose to take a break, take a meal break or an exercise session break, not an entire day.

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30 OCTOBER 2015

Get Moving: Heart Healthy Exercises

Movement in general is great for your heart: It gets the blood flowing, expanding the veins and arteries in your circulatory system, bringing wave after wave of fresh oxygen into your brain.

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21 OCTOBER 2015

How To Train Your Mind For A More Effective Workout

Put simply, if we want our bodies to be fit, our minds must be, too.

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16 OCTOBER 2015

Stretch Exercises to Relieve Tension in Neck and Shoulders

The easiest and cheapest first step is to get into the habit of stretching on a regular basis.

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14 OCTOBER 2015

Here’s Proof That Exercise Changes Everything

While most of us are probably aware of the powerful benefits of regular exercise, we’re clearly not all convinced: Just about 20 percent of American adults over the age of 18 meet the government’s recommended guidelines when it comes to physical activity, according to a CDC report.

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12 OCTOBER 2015

Doing This Could Make You More Motivated To Exercise

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire found that when study participants were asked to think about positive memories around exercise, they had higher levels of subsequent exercise compared with people who didn’t recall memories about exercise.

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8 OCTOBER 2015

How much exercise do you really need?

We all know we need to exercise to aid good health, but is it really necessary to push our bodies for prolonged periods, like mice on miniature wheels in laboratories, just to stay slim and healthy? According to the latest popular school of thought, there’s no need.

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7 OCTOBER 2015

Aerobic Exercise Can Impact Brain Power In Older Women, Study Says

New research shows aerobic exercise also may have considerable effects on the memory area of the brain in older women.

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6 OCTOBER 2015

Exercise is a Key to Great Health

Imagine if exercise were given the same place of honour that food has in our lives… Ladies and gentlemen. The father of the bride will now ask you to do 50 pushups in honour of the bride and groom.

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