29 JANUARY 2016

Picking Up The Pace As You Grow Older Boosts Heart Health, Study Finds

Researchers believe that — generally speaking — people who have more physical activity are healthier because standing and moving around stimulates the metabolism, whereas sitting slows it down.

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27 JANUARY 2016

How to Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

Get out and enjoy winter but take steps to protect yourself from common ski- and snowboard-related injuries such as sprains, strains, dislocations and fractures, an orthopedist says.

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22 JANUARY 2016

‘Never too old’ to take up exercise

People who took up exercise in their 60s were also less likely to struggle with day-to-day activities such as washing and dressing.

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20 JANUARY 2016

Easy Exercise Moves To Do At Your Desk

Let’s face it: To make rent and keep ourselves afloat in cocktails and skinny jeans, we have to plant our collective butts in seats and desk jockey.

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6 JANUARY 2016

Mind Over Diet?

Study suggests people’s beliefs about causes of obesity influence their eating habits, weight.

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1 JANUARY 2016

How fitness during travel and holiday is easy

We have a unique opportunity today to build a happier, more peaceful century by showing love, compassion and companionship and developing a world that facilitates wellness and healthy living.

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30 DECEMBER 2015

Enjoy the holiday season without sacrificing fitness

The advice comes from Central Illinois health and fitness professionals, who would prefer that people start or maintain an exercise program amid the busyness of the holiday season.

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28 DECEMBER 2015

Are Sidewalks the Answer to Weight Loss?

Walking permits multi-tasking which, in our overly busy lives, makes it a much more attractive form of exercise.

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25 DECEMBER 2015

Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults

Older adults can boost their brain health by engaging in aerobic exercise, according to a new study.

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22 DECEMBER 2015

Fast 5 Minute Cool Down and Stretching Workout for Busy People

When you workout you should always incorporate a warm up before and a cool down afterward.

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