17 MAY 2017

Low Carb Mag June Edition

This month’s featured specialist Robb Wolf goes into the whole realm of our relationship with food in a super-clear yet detailed way that I know you’ll enjoy.

It really is well worth the read if only to help you understand your own relationship with food.

Or you can skip straight to the recipes they’re good too – just not quite the same level of insight.

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4 APRIL 2017

Low Carb Mag May Edition

Have you ever wondered what life would be like, how your life would be different if you had simply been yourself throughout your life?

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10 MARCH 2017

Low Carb Mag April Edition

Finding common ground amongst people who differ from our own point of view does seem sensible when we think about it.

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Low Carb Mag March Edition

Becoming single minded is probably one of the most effective ways you can ensure your success in getting leaner and fitter.

If you really want success you should pass every decision you make through the filter of “will doing this or not doing this help me to get fitter and or leaner”.

I’m not so much talking about what could be considered the ‘bigger’ decisions like ‘what diet should I follow’… Hopefully you will already have decided that a Low carb or Paleo
diet type of diet is the healthiest. I’m more talking about the little decisions like…

Where do I go shopping?

What do I buy and take home?

Do I buy the cheaper brand or a better quality one?

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9 JANUARY 2017

Low Carb Mag February Edition

By making my goals to be the simple steps, the easy actions. I’m going to finish each day having achieved my goals and that means I’m going to feel a lot better about myself, and know I’m successful and that positive reinforcement will spill out into other areas of living creating a mindset based on positive experiences.

What could better then that?

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Low Carb Mag January Edition

How are you going to make it YOUR New Year and carry the uniqueness through the next twelve months?

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Low Carb Mag November 2015

Low Carb Mag November Edition

In this month’s issue, we interview Chef Oonagh Williams who shares her Gluten free cooking and baking secrets.

We feature The Story of American Chèvre from Laura Chenel’s. We continue with our top low carb, paleo and health & fitness podcasts review so send your feedbacks to us.

We also feature the 6th Annual Local Craft Brewfest, Alain Braux with his GMO list, our monthly step-by-step recipes, exercise and a lot more.

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6 OCTOBER 2015

Low Carb Mag October Edition

There is a lot happening in the lowcarb and Paleo world at the moment. I get the sense that our respective ways of living and eating are undergoing changes. On the lowcarb side – I can see that the Low carb Diet is maturing into something I’d describe as ‘middleage’. Now if you have passed that landmark yourself, you’ll know exactly what I’m […]

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Low Carb Mag September Edition

This month we again have a great line up of interesting articles for you. Get your own FREE copy now!!!

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4 AUGUST 2015

Low Carb Mag August Edition

There is no need to visit a special page, no sign up or anything like that – simply click on the link from the website, Facebook or wherever and download the magazine directly to your device as a PDF.

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