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  • Low Carb Mag July Edition


    In this issue, Kendall Kendrick touches about the use of the "Minimum Effort for Maximum Result” method. We give you a good guide with our Four Week Menu Planner and we answer Your Top Three Questions to help you better with your low carb journey. We also give you a list of festivals to take a look at to see if there is one near you. Also check out our Step-by-step Seafood recipes. Plus, all the other great items we have got lined up for you in this ‘nearly’ perfect issue of Low Carb Mag....
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    0 Comments | July 2, 2015 | by by Mark Moxom
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  • honey photo by alsjhc

    What are the health bene

    Honey is a sweet liquid produced by honey bees
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  • stomach photo by TipsTimes

    Gluten-free diet may mit

    Patients with celiac disease may be more likely to
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  • Skipping Rope Photo by Mike Baird

    Skip straight to fitness

    Looking for a tough workout which offers a mind-boggling
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  • High fat Photo by Bdieu

    Fighting fat with fat

    Aucklander James Grey has been eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat
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  • mediterranead diet Photo by Sodexo USA

    Mediterranean Diet Power

    Studies have shown that adherence to a Mediterranean diet
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  • Photo by Nicole McCracken

    Preventing Childhood Obe

    Doctors may have found a way to simultaneously work
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  • Avocado Photo by Muffet

    Improve health with avoc

    As well as being a delicious addition to many
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  • Green Tea Photo by Dan McKay

    Green Tea Health Benefit

    A cup of green tea is a good way
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  • Candy Bar Photo by Evan-Amos

    The Sneaky Sugar In Your

    It is true that energy bars often offer nutrients
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  • Sleep Photo by rachel CALAMUSA

    The Huge, Hidden Benefit

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  • Yoga Photo by Beth Scupham

    Is There A Best Body Typ

    Yoga is about many things, and one of them
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  • Sweetener Photo by Lauri Andler(Phantom)

    Added sugar: Don’t

    Take this easy first step: Next time you're tempted
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  • Mediterranean Photo by Nikodem Nijaki

    Mediterranean Diet May P

    A large observational study is adding another feather to
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  • Exercise Photo by Rance Costa

    Exercise: Which Type and

    Ever wondered why the distance runner is usually built
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  • Walk Photo by Paul Glendell

    It’s Simple, Easy

    Here are seven ways to optimize your walks for
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  • GMO Photo by cheeseslave

    How Genetically Engineer

    Jeffrey Smith, who is one of the leaders in
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  • Food Photo by Muffet

    Why It’s Important

    Think of the digestive system as the pistons of
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  • Obese Photo by ParentingPatch

    Obesity Even Deadlier Th

    Obesity kills nearly three times more people than originally
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  • Sugar Photo by Romain Behar

    Why Sugar Is Just As Bad

    We all know sugar is bad for your waistline,
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  • Morning Photo by Vic

    The Simple Things You Sh

    You have the power to wake up on the
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