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  • Healthy Photo by PublicDomainPictures

    7 Food Swaps That Will M

    As a general rule, organic foods are safer, and
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  • Eat Photo by dominikgolenia

    In a dietary rut? Here&#

    If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to eat
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  • Megan Fox Photo by VS-angel

    Megan Fox Lost Post-Baby

    Megan Fox credits a Paleo-style diet for her post-baby
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  • Healthy Photo by artistlike

    How healthy is your rela

    So many of us eat in front of TV,
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  • Healthy groceries

    5 Ways to Outsmart the S

    Researchers suggest that you're more likely to think twice
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  • High fat Photo by Bdieu

    High fat low carb diet p

    For Lauren, the high fat low carb diet did
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  • Diet Photo by PublicDomainPictures

    Diet Changes Can Alter G

    Trillions of bacteria live in the digestive tract, but
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  • Sign "Round up ready soyabeans" in field of genetically engineered soyabeans.

    It’s Time to Prote

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part
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  • Serving Photo by

    Do Serving Sizes Impact

    Among the proposed changes to the FDA Nutrition Facts
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  • Run Photo by lululemon athletica

    This 12-Minute Strength

    Fitness motivator and running yoga instructor Angie Stewart Goka,
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  • Wake up Photo by Sascha Wenninger

    4 Food Mistakes Ruining

    Sleep deprivation is nothing new to us, though, according
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  • Jog Photo by Home Stretch

    Make your fitness journe

    An adventure might not have a predictable outcome and
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  • Runner Photo by hojusaram

    How to Choose the Right

    Choosing the right shoe will keep your feet happy,
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  • Fat Photo by Charles Haynes

    Organs enhance high fat

    Known for his championship of high fat low carb
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  • Morning Photo by Vic

    Sedentary time, not just

    “We’ve known for decades that we should exercise, but
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  • Summer Photo by thephotographymuse

    Fast, fun summer fitness

    Who says you can’t get or stay in shape
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  • Health Photo by PublicDomainPictures

    Let Food Be Thy Medicine

    The culprits behind the onset of diabetes are most
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  • 011

    Trina Felber – The

    We are one of the only make-up companies that
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  • Soda Photo by Jannes Pockele

    Diet Soda Is Not The Ans

    The bottom line is that people who are either
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  • Milk Photo by Pingpongwill

    Why Choose Organic Milk?

    Many studies show nutritional benefits to drinking milk --
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