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  • Poop Photo by Michel Filion

    The Truth About Poop: Un

    We have a lot of silly names for it:
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  • USF Photo by CityofStPete

    Combined Ketogenic Diet

    The study, "The Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
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  • Resistance Band Photo by Rocky Mountain High

    The Resistance Band Card

    You already know a resistance band is a super-effective
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  • Relaxing Photo by Rupert Ganzer

    6 Weekend Health Mistake

    Many of us spend the entire workweek looking forward
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  • Meditation Photo by RelaxingMusic

    Why Meditation Beats Anx

    Mindfulness meditation -- nonjudgmental awareness of thoughts and emotions
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  • Weights Photo by Paul Moore

    A Heavy Lifting Workout

    Newsflash! The only way women get "bulky" and "manly-looking"
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  • Grocery Photo by Morgan

    Decoding Food Purchasing

    Breakthrough research by Kusum Ailawadi, professor of Marketing at
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  • Blood Pressure Photo by jasleen_kaur

    Your Stroke Risk Can Shr

    Certain lifestyle changes could greatly reduce your stroke risk,
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  • Poor Sleep Photo by Mislav Marohnić

    Poor Sleep May Worsen He

    Poor sleep appears to contribute to the progression of
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  • Fitness Training Photo by abdelkarimlive

    Everything you need to k

    Golf-fitness expert Ben Shear shares his innovative, well-informed knowledge
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  • Exercise Photo by Nathalie P

    Top 10 fitness myths bus

    Muscle can turn into fat, lifting weights makes you
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  • Sleep Photo by planetchopstick

    Sleep Less, Weigh More?

    The challenge of maintaining a healthy weight is a
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  • Healthy Food Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture

    People Overeat ‘He

    A new study released found that eating "healthy" meals
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  • Sweets Photo by Ian Muttoo

    Does sugar fast-track th

    Sugar is in just about everything we eat, from
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  • Healthy groceries Photo by

    Poll Suggests Healthy Li

    Research has shown that healthy behaviors are associated with
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  • Happy Photo by Pavel Losevsky

    Three Elements Of Body-S

    When most people think of "fitness," they think of
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  • yoga in sky

    Should Outdoor Exerciser

    Just recently, the American Lung Association published its report
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  • Food Stamp Photo by USDAgov

    Reducing The Number Of F

    A University of Illinois researcher says that the cornerstone
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  • Depression Photo by Lloyd Morgan

    Link Between Depression,

    The first symptoms of major depression may be behavioral,
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  • Probiotics Photo by by lu_lu

    Probiotics Linked To Low

    Probiotic supplements can prevent or lower the risk of
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