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  • Kale Photo by arvind grover

    Fun Facts About Kale

    Kale contains lutein, a nutrient that helps create the
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  • Run Photo by lululemon athletica

    19 Reasons To Start Runn

    The beauty of running is that just about everyone
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  • Lunges Photo by Cropbot

    Lunge Exercise Tips

    With tons of variations, your backside will never get
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  • Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

    6 types of edible seeds

    Six Edible Seeds You Should Try
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  • Candies Photo by Shirley

    Tips to Eliminate Added

    If you think your family is consuming too much
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  • Labesl photo by Tavallai

    The Worst Thing Since Wh

    If we're serious about solving our nation's health problems,
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  • Weight Photo by geralt

    Does Healthy Obesity Exi

    Obesity Won't Kill You… But Its Complications Might
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  • Paleo Photo by Karen Booth

    Paleo low carb diets ear

    To earn a place in the online Oxford Dictionary,
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  • Fit Kids Photo by Derek Jensen

    Back-to-school fitness t

    Sending children back to school with the right attitude
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  • Zucchini Photo by Cucurbita pepo1

    6 Things You Probably Di

    Zucchini actually falls under the umbrella of summer squash,
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  • FTS Master Cover Image

    Doug Varrieur – Th

    Doug is not a doctor or nutritionist. He’s an
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  • Running Photo by Hans Splinter

    5 Ways to Avoid Running

    The most common running injuries are those caused by
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  • Yoga-Pose-Photo-by-lululemon-athletica

    Stuck at Your Desk All D

    You can still practice yoga around the office, even
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  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson loses 70

    Jessica Simpson wore a skin-tight bathing suit in the
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  • Plaeo Diet Photo by Amy Selleck

    Paleo Diet Helps You Sta

    The Paleo diet is a very comprehensive way to
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  • Paleo 2 photo by David Reber

    What You Should Know Abo

    More athletes are trying the meat- and produce-packed diet,
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  • Elderly Photo by National Institutes of Health

    Low-Impact Exercises for

    Add these six low-impact moves to your exercise routine.
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  • ??????????????

    Weight Loss Success Tips

    You can't control everything, so focus on what you
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  • Sugar Photo by Romain Behar

    Is Sugar The New Tobacco

    There's a big difference between the sugar that occurs
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  • Paleo low carb diet is A

    The paleo low carb diet has become the new
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