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  • Sweet Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

    Eggs Don’t Cause H

    Oops. Fifty years of doctors' advice and government eating
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  • fitness 16

    Stressed by Work-Life Ba

    Researchers examined the responses of 476 working adults who
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  • Low Carb food Photo by daBinsi

    Ketogenic Diet Can be us

    The research by scientists at McGill University and the
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  • Sugar Photo by Uwe Hermann

    How to Eat Less Sugar

    In a recent article in the British Medical Journal,
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  • Healthy Eating Photo by Janet Hudson

    What is the Mediterranea

    What exactly is the Mediterranean diet?
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  • Meat Photo by Stuart Webster

    Is Grass-Fed Beef Worth

    To know whether or not it truly is a
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  • Happy Photo by nosha

    Is Happiness a Choice?

    Can you accept the reality of the moment, be
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  • High fat Photo by Bdieu

    Ketogenic diet for preve

    The question whether diet modification could help in the
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  • Crossfit to Fight

    Health and fitness: Stre

    When people start an exercise program they usually have
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  • Crossfit to Fight

    Know your fitness regime

    Founded by Greg Glassman, CrossFit is a fitness regime
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  • Sugar Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

    Sugar Is Now The Number

    The UN has identified tobacco, alcohol and poor diet
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  • Avocado Photo by Muffet

    Avocado with lunch may h

    New research suggests that one-half of a fresh avocado
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  • Fit Photo by mariachily

    How To Make Fitness Habi

    So it’s happened again. You’ve made another empty promise
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  • Office 1 Photo by Victor1558

    Move more, sit less to r

    A lower risk of heart failure is linked not
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  • Softdrink Photo by Simon Cousins

    Diet soda could be causi

    Artificially sweetened drinks are being blamed -- again --
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  • Older Women Photo by TheArches 2

    People Who Enjoy Life Ac

    A British study found that older adults who enjoy
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  • Exercise photo by Jaykayfit

    Health and fitness: Work

    While there are plenty of different methods and fitness
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  • Sweets Photo by Sweetisfaction

    Slash sugar in your diet

    From the sweetener you stir into your morning coffee
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  • Crossfit to Fight

    How To Get Back To The G

    No matter our intentions, many of us have to
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  • Baby Photo by Lisa Rosario Photography

    Probiotics Linked To Hel

    Providing probiotics, or "good bacteria," to healthy infants shortly
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